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Amateur Radio Equipment

Manuals and Schematics

Latest Info: I'm about back up to speed again, and there shouldn't be much of a wait for manuals. Thanks to everyone for their patience!

I have a small number of Amateur Radio equipment manuals and schematics that I will e-mail to anyone needing them. Some of the files are large (up to 220 MB). The largest file that I can send out via e-mail is 20MB. If you really need one of the larger files, and it is too big to be e-mailed, we'll try figure something out, possibly mailing it to you on a CD.

Most of the manuals are in Adobe PDF format. Some may be in DejaVu format or an image file, such as BMP, JPG or GIF. Most of these were not scanned by me and I can not vouch for the completeness, accuracy or "readablilty". Some schematics are hand re-drawn. Except for those that I downloaded from the manufacturer (and a few that I scanned), I do not know the original source for these scans, as most have been e-mailed to me by others. I only offer them in an effort to help someone needing the information.

Each is listed by Manufacturer, Model, Info available (Manual, Schematic, Brochure). Some equipment manuals contain a schematic and I've tried to list them as such when noted. I'll add to this list as I come across more. I've also started noting the approximate file size so that you know what to expect. If you don't see it listed here, then I do not have it. If you have files that you'd like to add to the list, I'd be happy to have them.

I do NOT sell manuals. If I have it, I am happy to send it to you for free. If the file is too large to be e-mailed, I may ask for reimbursement for the padded mailing envelope and postage. I do not charge for my time, the file, use of my computer, jewel case, or CD's. I do this as a service to fellow hams. I do not need to charge money because I was born quite wealthy,  very good looking, and I am feeling philanthropic. Well, ok... I'm not really wealthy.

Besides, most of these files were scanned by others and I wouldn't feel right receiving a profit from their work.

There have been a few who feel like they must pay something when I mail them a CD, even when I haven't asked for reimbursement. If you feel like this is something that you just have to do... send $1.00 to my PayPal account for the e-mail address below (this will net me 67 cents after the fee that PayPal charges). That will just about cover the cost of the envelope and the CD. 

Regarding amplifiers: You'll notice that there are a few models that were directly marketed toward the 11 meter crowd. I've included these since a few are actually decent amps for use on the ham bands. The others, well they're at least a good source for parts for homebrew projects.

One last thing regarding HF Amplifier information... Info will only be sent to licensed Amateur Radio operators. Yeah, I know that this information is available elsewhere, but I'm not going to add to the problem. Besides, you can have a lot more fun on the Ham bands and I'll be happy to point you in the direction of info on getting your ticket. If you request HF amplifier info, be sure to include your call and I'll send the file to the e-mail address listed for you on or in the call book.

Recently Added Manuals: 1 Jan 10

bulletAEA PK-232MBX Operating Manual
bulletAEA PK-232MBX EPROM Installation Instructions
bulletAEA PK-232MBX Node Gateway Option Supplement
bulletAEA PK-232MBX Revision Supplement (dated July 1990)


Manuals and/or Schematics that I am currently in need of:

TE Systems 1410G           2 meter amplifier

Dentron MLA-2500B            HF amplifier

Amp Supply LA-1000A        HF Amplifier

Kenwood TH78                     2m / 70cm HT

RF Power Labs BU150F      1.25 meter amplifier

Tokyo Hy-Power HL-37V     2 meter amplifier

ARR SP432VDG                     70cm Preamplifier

Reminder - If it isn't on the list below, I do not have it. My knowledge of electronics is only enough to get me in trouble, So please do not ask me for advice on how to repair your gear.

The List: 

Equipment Type Manufacturer Model Information Size Notes
Amplifiers Alpha 77D Manual with Schematic 4.7MB
Ameritron AL80A/B-82-811/H-572-1200-1500 10/12 Meter Modification 85KB Original AL80 not included
AL-80A Manual with Schematic 652 KB
AL-80B Manual with Schematic 226 KB
AL-84 Manual with Schematic 414 KB
AL-800X Manual with Schematic 130 KB
ALS-600 Manual with Schematic 2.5 MB
Amp Supply LA-1000 Instruction Pamplet 165 KB
LA-1000-NT Manual with Schematic 2.6 MB
LK500 Manual with Schematic 411 KB
LK-800 Manual with Schematic 408 KB
D&A Hawk Schematic 15 KB
Hornet Schematic 16 KB
Phantom Triple Stage Schematic 2.5 MB
Phantom Triple Stage Manual 1.7 MB
Raider Schematic 17 KB
Scorpion Schematic 17 KB
Dentron Clipperton L Manual with Schematic 3.2 MB
MLA-2500 Manual with Schematic 2.9 MB
Drake L4-B Manual with Schematic 300 KB DjVu File from the BAMA site
Galaxy 600, 800 & 1K Schematic 2.1 MB
Gonset GSB-201 Manual with Schematic 2.9 MB
903A/913S Manual with Schematic 1.3 MB
Heathkit SB-200 Schematic See Notes Two files - 90KB each
SB-200 Assembly Manual with Schematic 5.2 MB
SB-220 Schematic (small) 203 KB Larger scan - 2 sheets (NěSS)
SB-220 Schematic (large) 243 KB 11x14 size (NěSS)
SB-220 Manual 15.4 MB
SB-230 Assembly Manual with Schematic 9.4 MB
SB-230 Tune-up Procedure from Manual 1.3 MB
SB-1000 Schematic See Notes Two files - 260KB & 270KB
Henry 1KD5 Schematic 380 KB RF Deck Only
2002A/2004A/2006A Manual with Schematic 2.3 MB
4K Ultra Manual with Schematic 1.6 MB Not the greatest scan
Hunter 2000B Specification Sheet and Schematic 580 KB
2000C Manual with Schematic 12 MB
Icom IC-2KL Manual with Schematic 7.3 MB
IC-4KL Service Manual 8 MB
IC-ML1 Manual with Schematic 1.7 MB
IC-PW1 Manual with Schematic 1.9 MB
Kenwood TL-922 Manual with Schematic 88 KB
TL-922 Service Manual 4.2 MB
KLM See notes Manual with Schematic 175 KB PA models 2-70BL / 10-40BL / 10-70BL / 10-80BL / 10-140BL / 10-160BL / 30-140BL
Kris Big Boomer Manual with Schematic 1 MB
Power Pump Schematic 180 KB
Metron Magnus MA1000B Manual with Schematic 4 MB
Mirage A 1015 G Manual 16 KB
A 1015 G Schematic 380 KB
B 1016 Manual with Schematic 1.4 MB
B 1016 G Manual with Schematic 1.2 MB
B 1016 G Schematic 81 KB Single page scann
B 1016 G Schematic 150 KB Two page scan (two files, half on one page and half on the other)
B 2530 Schematic 10.7 MB Two page scan, each page is 5.34 MB - not that great of a scan
B 3016 Manual with Schematic 750 KB
Pal 200MDX Schematic 22 KB
Palomar TX-75 & TX-100 Schematic
Skipper 300 Instruction Sheet with Schematic 1.8 MB
Pride DX-300 Manual with Schematic 10.3 MB
KW-One Manual with Schematic 3.65 MB
RF Concepts 2-23 Manual with Schematic 210 KB
2-217 Manual with Schematic 258 KB
2-217 Schematic 1.6 MB
RM KL 203 Schematic 220 KB Version 5.0
Surplus (Government) AM-6154/6155 Manual with Schematic 40 MB This is the manual is from Fair Radio Sales (a good source for these amps)
TE Systems 0552G Manual with Schematic See Notes 9.4 MB It appears that this file was copied with a digital camera - hard to read & the schematic is useless
1452G Manual with Schematic 3.3 MB
TPL UHF Repeater Amps Service Manual w/Schematic 775 KB Covers 10 different models - E-mail to see if yours is included
VHF High Band Manual with Schematic 620 KB Covers 9 different models - E-mail to see if yours is included
VHF Low Band Manual with Schematic 1.1 MB PA1-1AC / PA1-PAE / PA1-1CF / PA1-1FE / PA2-1CD
VHF Engineering PA-144 / PA-220 / PA-450 Manual with Schematic 475 KB Covers all three models
Yaesu FL-2100B Manual with Schematic 1.5 MB
FL-2500 Manual with Schematic 1.7 MB
Antennas C3i / Ariane C13 Instruction Sheets with diagram 1.35 MB 13 Element 6m
Comet CA-52HB4 Instruction Sheets with diagram 700 KB 4 Element 6 meter
Cushcraft 13B2 Instruction Sheets with diagram 665 KB 2M Broadband Boomer
13B2N Instruction Sheets with diagram 200 KB 2M Narrowband Boomer
17B2 Instruction Sheets with diagram 718 KB 2M Boomer
222XB Instruction Sheets with diagram 235 KB 2M Oscar Boomer
26B2 Instruction Sheets with diagram 700 KB 26B2 2M Array & 26VPK Stacking Kit
103CD Skywalker Instruction Sheets with diagram 571 KB 10M 3EL
104CD Skywalker Instruction Sheets with diagram 543 KB 10M 4EL
124WB Instruction Sheets with diagram 365 KB 2M 4EL Boomer
153CD Skywalker Instruction Sheets with diagram 521 KB 15M 3EL
154CD Skywalker Instruction Sheets with diagram 538 KB 15M 4EL
203CD Skywalker Instruction Sheets with diagram 575 KB 20M 3EL
204CD Skywalker Instruction Sheets with diagram 645 KB 20M 4EL
215WB Instruction Sheets with diagram 657 KB 2M Broadband Boomer
224WB Instruction Sheets with diagram 1.2 MB 220 - 225 4EL
225WB Instruction Sheets with diagram 500 KB 220 - 225 Boomer
230WB Instruction Sheets with diagram 280 K 230WB Array & 230VPK Stacking Kit
416TB Instruction Sheets with diagram 614 KB 435 MHz Oscar Boomer
424B Instruction Sheets with diagram 2 MB 432 Boomer
719B Instruction Sheets with diagram 643 KB 70cm Broadband Boomer
729B Instruction Sheets with diagram 700 KB 70cm Broadband Boomer
738XB Instruction Sheets with diagram 259 KB 70cm Oscar Boomer
617-6B Instruction Sheets with diagram 613 KB 6m 6EL
A503S Instruction Sheets with diagram 161 KB 6m 3EL
A505S Instruction Sheets with diagram 167 KB 6m 5 EL
A506S Instruction Sheets with diagram 607 KB 6m 6EL
AR6 Instruction Sheets with diagram 456 KB 6m Ringo Vertical
AR10 Instruction Sheets with diagram 344 KB 10m Ringo Vertical
ARX6 Instruction Sheets with diagram 452 KB 6m Ringo Vertical
XM240 Instruction Sheets with diagram 512 KB 40M 2EL
XM510 Instruction Sheets with diagram 455 KB 10M 2EL
XM515 Instruction Sheets with diagram 456 KB 15M 2EL
XM520 Instruction Sheets with diagram 563 KB 20M 2EL
Directive Systems 2455LYK Manual 100 KB
Gap Titan DX Instruction Sheets with diagram 250 KB Composed of 3 files - A pdf and two GIF's totaling 250 KB
KLM KT-34XA Instruction Sheets with diagram 2.2 MB 4EL Tribander - File contains notes from owner and correspondence with KLM
144-148 - 12 Instruction Sheets with diagram 500 KB
6M-7LB Instruction Sheets with diagram 2.41 MB 6M 7EL Long Boom
20M-5 Instruction Sheets with diagram 6.5 MB 20M 5 element Monobander
Par SM-50 Assembly Manual 128 KB 50 MHz Stressed Moxon
Power Supplies Astron RS-7A Schematic 64 KB
RS-10A Schematic 370 KB
RS-12A / RS-12S Schematic 7.4 MB
RS-20A / RS-20S Schematic 182 KB
RS-35A / RS-35M Schematic 85 KB
RS-50A / RS-50M Schematic 1.92 MB
RS-70A / RS-70M Schematic 503 KB
SS-30 Schematic 313 KB
VS-35M Schematic 314 KB
VS-70M Schematic 128 KB
Icom PS-55 Instruction Sheet with Schematic 130 KB
Motorola TPN1041A Manual 3 MB No Schematic - Part of Micor Upright Base and Repeater Stations (136 - 174 MHz)
RCW 350, 750, & 1500 watts models Spec Sheet 1.4 MB
Swan Swan SW-117 AC Schematic 270 KB Jpeg File
USMC N/A Field Antenna Handbook 5 MB United States Marine Corp Field Antenna Handbook
Tranceivers/Receivers Atlas 210X /215X Manual with Schematic 2.8 MB
Bearcat DX-1000 Manual 2.25 MB SW Receiver
Drake R-4B Manual with Schematic 30.6 MB
T-4XB Manual with Schematic 21.2 MB
TR-4C Manual with Schematic 2.75 MB
Elmac AF67 Manual with Schematic 2.1 MB
Galaxy V Schematic 74 KB
V Mk II Manual with Schematic 3.5 MB
Hallicrafters HA-6 Manual with Schematic 500 KB DJVU file from BAMA
S-38 Riders Volume 15 500 KB
S-40B / S-40BU Manual with Schematic 5.5 MB
S-120 Schematic 130KB
Hammarlund SP 400X Schematic 9.5 MB
Icom IC-20 Manual with Schematic 5 MB
IC-201 Schematic 50 MB Schematic only - Very high resolution scan in BMP format
IC-211 Manual 4.6 MB
IC-211 Service Instructions 1.5 MB Service and Alignment Procedures
IC-240 Schematic 300 KB
IC-251 A/E Manual 4.9 MB
IC-271 A/E Manual 7.3 MB
IC-271H Manual 3.6 MB
IC-449 Service Manual 16.5 MB
IC-502 Manual 1.2 MB
IC-551 Manual 4.8 MB
IC-701 Manual 6.1 MB No Schematic
IC-706 MkII G Service Manual 13.3 MB
IC-726 Manual 3 MB
IC-730 Service Manual 29.5 MB
IC-735 Manual 5.1 MB
IC-735 Service Manual 26 MB
IC-736/738 Manual 7.2 MB
IC-737 Manual 6.3 MB
IC-737A Manual 5.6 MB
IC-746 Manual 2.1 MB
IC-746 IC-746 Addendum 36 KB
IC-746 IC-746 Erratum 17 KB
IC-746 Service Manual 50 MB
IC-746 Pro Manual 5.5 MB
IC-756 Pro Manual 2 MB
IC-910H Manual 3.5 MB
IC-2100H Manual 770 KB
IC-2720H Manual 2.77 MB
IC-2720H Manual Addendum 50 KB
IC-3200A/E Service Manual 19.4 MB
IC-R3 Service Manual 1.4 MB
IC-R100 Manual 3 MB
IC-T2H Manual 1.2 MB
IC-T2H Schematic 916 KB
IC-U12 Schematic 2.7 MB Business Band HT
IC-W2AE Service Manual 10.4 MB
IC-W2AE Schematic 502 KB
IC-W32AE Manual 717 KB
IC-W32AE Schematic 502 KB
Johnson Viking Viking 6n2 Manual with Schematic 1.2 MB
Valiant Manual with Schematic 6.5 MB
Kenwood TH-D7A/E Manual 2.5 MB
TH-D7A(G) Manual 500 KB
TH-78A Manual 287KB
TH78A / TH78AE Service Manual 162 MB
TM-241 Manual 2.15 MB Does not include a schematic
TM-271 Manual 1.2 MB
TR-7730 Manual 1.3 MB
TS-50S Manual 2.3 MB
TS-430S Manual with Schematic 2.3 MB In several languages - Low Resolution Scan
TS-430S Manual with Schematic 20.7 MB English Only - Higher Resolution Scan
TS-430S Service Manual 22 MB
TS-440S Manual with Schematic 1.65 MB Low Res Scan - Schematic is not very good
TS-440S Service Manual 25 MB
TS-520 Manual & Schematic 3.9 MB
TS-520 Schematic See Notes Two jpg files - 350KB each
TS-520 Schematic 2.1 MB pdf file
TS-570D/G/S Manual 2.5 MB
TS-700 Service Manual 11.4 MB
TS-820S Manual 13 MB Schematic is not included in this scan
TS-820S Service Manual 16 MB
TS-870S Manual 5.3 MB
TS-2000/2000X/B2000 Brochure 1.3 MB
TS-2000/2000X/B2000 Service Manual 25 MB
TW-4000A Manual 2.4 MB
Knight-Kit Star Roamer Schematic 85 KB
Lowe HF-150 Manual 6.2 MB
HF-150 Technical Manual 10 MB
Midland 13-510 Manual with Schematic 7 MB Pages are sorted in reverse
Motorola Micor EMS UHF Manual 17 MB UHF Repeater
National HRO 500 Schematic 355 KB
Pryme PR-52 & PR-222 Manual 1.2 MB Covers both radios
Realistic HTX-202 Manual with Schematic 1.45 MB
HTX-212 Manual 335 KB Weird scan, it does not include a schematic or ANY pictures
HTX-242 Manual 117 KB Does not include a schematic
HTX-242 Parts List 30.7KB
HTX-252 Manual 250 KB
HTX-252 Service Manual 3.5 MB
HTX-252 Microphone Schematic 22 KB
DX-150B Service Manual 8 MB
DX160 Manual 1.3 MB
DX160 Service Manual 1.8 MB
DX-394 Manual 4 MB
DX-394 Service Manual 14.1 MB
DX-394 Schematic 10.3 MB
Regency MicroCom UHF Repeater Manual with Schematic 5.9 MB
HR-212 Service Manual 3.75 MB
RCI 5054dx Manual 720 KB
Siltronix 1011B Schematic 750 KB Three Graphics Files totaling 750 KB
1011B Manual with Schematic 10.25 MB
1011D Manual with Schematic 2.5 MB
Swan 240 Manual with Schematic 400 KB
Tempo 2020 Manual with Schematic 8 MB This is actually the manual for a Uniden 2020 - I am told this is the same radio
Trio TS-440S Manual with Schematic 5 MB Schematic Scan is not Hi-Res
Uniden 2020 Manual with Schematic 8 MB
Yaesu FT-51R Schematic 133 MB Schematic Only BMP file - Very high resolution scan
FRG-100 Schematic 1 MB
FT-100D Manual 4.9 MB
FT-227 Manual with Schematic 8.1 MB
FT-227RA See Notes 2.25 MB Addendum to FT-227 Manual covering additional features, mic pin-out. Has schematic
FT-227RB See Notes 420 KB Addendum to FT-227 Manual covering additional features. Has schematic for YM-22 mic.
FT-270R/RH Manual 4 MB
FT-290R Manual with Schematic 11 MB
FT-290RII Manual with Schematic 3.4 MB
FT-290RII Schematic 1.1 MB
FT-726R Manual with Schematic 7.1 MB
FT-736R Manual with Schematic 10.5 MB
FT-736R Technical Supplement 36 MB
FT-736R Band Module Installation 1.4 MB
. .
FT-747GX Manual with Schematic 6.45 MB
FT-747 FT-747 Technical supplement, A3 15.5 MB
FT-817 Manual 240 KB Does not include a schematic
FT-857D Manual 4 MB
FT-920 Manual 1.6 MB
FT-1500M Brochure 525 KB
FT-1500M Manual with Schematic 2.7 MB
FT-2200 Manual 11.7 MB
FT-5200 Schematic 2.5 MB
FT-8900R Manual 1.6 MB
FT-8900R Service Manual 6.3 MB
VX-2R Service Manual 5 MB
Repeaters Icom IC RP 1510 Manual 4.5 MB VHF Repeater - No Schematic
IC RP 1520 Manual 5.2 MB 144 MHz Repeater - No Schematic
IC RP 1620 Manual 2.5 MB VHF Repeater 50w - No Schematic
Motorola EMS Micor Manual with Schematic 17 MB UHF Repeater - Covers Models Q2033-35A & Q1853-55A
TLD5081A/TLD5082A/TLD5083A Manual with Schematic 10.1 MB Micor Repeater Stations 136 - 174 MHz 250 & 375 W (Amplifier Section only)
Regency MCCU15RA/B Manual 6.5 MB UHF Repeater - May not be complete - Has schematic but not readable
Uniden ARU-251 Manual with Schematic 16 MB 450-470 MHz 25w
Towers HyGain HG-52SS Manual 1.2 MB
Rotators Alliance HD-73 Manual 1.52 MB
U-100 Manual 4 MB
CDE/HyGain AR10 Instruction Sheet 1.6 MB
AR22 Manual with Schematic 605 KB
AR30 Manual with Schematic 180 KB
AR35 Instruction Sheet 90 KB
AR40 / AR40X Manual 109 KB
CD44 Manual with Schematic 8 MB 1 MB DJVU file also available
CD45 II / CD45 IIX Manual 1.8 MB
HAM II Manual with Schematic 2.1 MB
Ham III Series 2 Manual with Schematic 1.2 MB
HAM IV Manual with Schematic 285 KB
HAM V / HAM VX Manual 815 KB
HAM M Manual with Schematic 6 MB
T-2X / T-2XD (Tailtwister) Manual with Schematic 2.6 MB
TR44 Manual with Schematic 5 MB
HDR-300 / HDR-300X Manual with Schematic 5 MB
Daiwa MR-300E / MR-750E / MR750PE Manual 575 KB
Kenrotor KR-400 Manual with Schematic 2.5 MB
M2 OR2800PDC Manual 2.3 MB
RC2800PX Manual with Schematic 750 KB
Orbit 360 Manual 78 KB
Accessories & Other Ameco Converters Models CN50, CN144, CN220 Manual with Schematic 3 MB
OCM-2 Instruction Sheet with Schematic 38 KB Code Practice Oscillator
Astatic Microphones (see notes) UG8 and UG9 Stands 400 KB
T-UG8 Manual 550 KB
Golden Eagle Manual 350 KB
Communications Specialists TS-32 Encoder 356 KB Tone Encoder
Dentron 160 - 10 Super Tuner Manual with Schematic 775 KB
Gonset Super 6 Manual with Schematic 3.5 MB Mobile Converter
Heathkit HM-102 Assembly & Operation Manual 284 KB
GD-1U Schematic 200 KB Grid Dip Meter
Heil Goldline Pamplet with Wiring Diagram 1.6 MB Also has recommended DSP settings for several popular HF Radios
Icom AT-150 Manual 1.1 MB No schematic
IC-AG1/25/30/35/AG1200 Manual 325 KB Covers IC-AG1 / AG-25 / AG-30 / AG-35 / AG-1200
IC- AG1 Schematic 256 KB UHF Pre-Amplifier 430 - 450 MHz
IC-AG1200 Schematic 410 KB UHF Pre-Amplifier 1240 - 1300 MHz
Kantronics KAM Manual 1.5 MB
KAM Addendum and Upgrade Manual 500 KB
MSK-Modem Manual with Schematic 300 KB Add on modem for the KAM and KPC4
Kenwood TV-506 Manual with Schematic 1 MB
SM-220 Manual 3 MB Station Monitor
SM-220 Schematic 150 KB
Siltronix FD-1011 Manual 750 KB
Model 90 VFO General Info 5 MB
Turner Super Sidekick Manual 150 KB Lousy Scan but readable
West Mountain Radio RigBlaster Plus Manual 300 KB
Yaesu GS-232A Manual 300 KB Computer Control Interface for Antenna Rotators
MD-1 Manual 500K Desk Microphone
Pre-Amplifiers Mirage KP-1-2M Manual 64 KB
KP-2-M Manual 68 KB
Meters & Test Equipment Bird 43 Manual 1 MB
CDE CDA/B/C/E/T Manual 551 KB
Heathkit HM-102 Assembly Manual 285 KB
Knight-Kit KG 650 RF Schematic 200 KB RF Signal Generator
Scanners and Accessories Realistic (Radio Shack) PRO 97 (20-527) Manual 2.75 MB 1000 Channel, triple trunking handheld
Uniden/BearCat BC-45XLT Manual 1.5 MB
BC-60XLT Manual 3.8 MB
BC-92XLT Manual 2.2 MB
BC-120XLT Manual 1 MB
BC-172XLT Manual 750 KB
BC-200XLT Manual 780 KB
BC-210 Service Manual 3.1 MB Manufactured by Electra Co. 1978
BC-244CLT Manual 1.1 MB
BC-245XLT Manual 3.8 MB
BC-250D Manual 2 MB
BC-278CLT Manual 1.7 MB
BC-296D Manual 825 KB
BC-780XLT Manual 3.5 MB
BC-785D Manual 2.3 MB
BC-796D Manual 1.2 MB
BC-860XLT Manual 1.9 MB
BC-898T Manual 1.3 MB
BC-3000 Manual 1.5 MB
Bci-25D Manual 1.4 MB Digital to Analog Card
BC-T7 Manual 710 KB
BC-T8 Manual 1.1 MB
Non Ham Related Thompson/Center Arms Encore Muzzle Loader Manual 2.8 MB
Encore Rifle Manual 6.5 MB
Garmin GPS II Plus Manual 1.3 MB Software versions 2.00 - 2.11
GPS II Plus Quick Start Guide 700 KB
GPS Map76 Manual 1.1 MB
nuvi 750 Manual 1.7 MB
La Crosse WS-8117 (Atomic Clock) Manual 575 KB Set-up works for several other models also
Midland 79-290 Manual 56 KB
Motorola V557 (Cell Phone) Manual 6.7 MB
Oregon Scientific WR196T (Weather Radio) Manual 220 KB


351 files

2.4 GB