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Sublette County Extension

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    University of Wyoming
    Dept. 3354
    1000 E. University Ave.
    Laramie, WY 82071
    e-mail: glen@uwyo.edu



    Sublette County's Extension office is located at 621 South Pine in Pinedale.  Those of you familiar with Pinedale will recognize us as being in the Mortensen-Stevens Building.

    The Sublette County Extension Office is part of the  West Extension Area, which includes Lincoln, Teton, Sweetwater, Uinta, and Sublette Counties.  Within the extension area, there are six University Extension Educators, each assigned to lead a particular extension programming initiative, and with programming responsibilities for the entire area. In addition, each county has a County 4-H educator responsible for the host county 4-H program.  

    The Extension Educators based in the Sublette County Extension Office include Eric Peterson and Robin Schamber.

    Eric works in the Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources Initiative (SMRR).

    Robin is Sublette County's 4-H  Educator.  She works in 4-H and Youth development exclusively in Sublette County.

    Teton County hosts the office of Mary Martin, who works in the Community Development Education (CDE) initiative; and Jennifer Jacobsen whose specialty is Nutrition and Food Safety (NFS).  Hudson Hill, based in Lincoln County, serves the Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture Systems (PSAS) initiative. Kimberly Chapman and Bridger Feuz are located in Uinta County, working the CDE and PSAS initiatives, respectively.  Josefina Ibarra is housed in Sweetwater County and works with Nutrition and Food Safety.

    Eric, Robin, Hudson, Mary, Jennifer, Bridger, Kimberly and Josefina are your West Extension Area Team! 


     Stella McKinstry recently retired in her 60th year with the Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service and has been granted Emeritus status.

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    P.O. Box 579
    621 S. Pine
    Pinedale, WY   82941