Agriculture and Natural Resources


The Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service has two general initiative areas which encompass our work in Agriculture and Natural Resources.  The initiative areas are "Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources" (SMRR) and "Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture Systems" (PSAS).  Together, these initiatives  encompass a tremendous diversity of program areas.

The SMRR point person in the Mountain West Extension Area is Eric Peterson.  The PSAS educators are Hudson Hill and Bridger Feuz.  (visit our Staff page for contact info.)

For the homeowner, we field questions in Horticulture,  And Home  Landscapes.  For  those involved in Production Agriculture, our emphasis is generally in Forage Based  Beef Cattle Production  systems.  Of course, this includes animal husbandry, production technology, and management of animal and financial resources.

We are also quite interested in Natural Resource  Management as it pertains to production agriculture.  In that respect, we have a lot of expertise in range management and monitoring and in Natural Resource Issue work.

Some of the Projects, Programs, Efforts, and tasks that Eric has chosen to chronicle here include:

Upper Green River Basin Snowpack Graphs.

Automatic Sprinker System management draft manuscript  (requires Adobe)

Brucellosis in Wyoming Cattle and Wild Elk and Bison - Factsheet

Fertilizer Cost / Benefit Spreadsheet - an Excel spreadsheet file which takes your cost inputs, the research based marginal response curves for Native, Improved, and Grass/Alfalfa mix fields in Wyoming, and outputs information regarding breakeven costs.  Even though fertilizer is high priced, it may make sense for you!

Run the online calculator or Download the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Cooperative Permittee Monitoring

Rangelands through time

June 2009 Eric wins the Wyoming Stockgrower's Association's "Outstanding Range Professional Award" for monitoring work

Jan. 2008. Cooperative Permittee Monitoring wins National Rangeland Management award.  

Presented by Abigail Kimball, Chief, United States Forest Service at national meeting of Society for Range Management.

Chad Hayward, Joel Bousman, and Eric Peterson, and Abigail Kimball. -an Extension Service project presenting information on Sustainable Management of Rangeland Resources

Permittee Monitoring on the Bridger-Teton

Rangeland Through Time, an effort to develop a historic Photo Monitoring record.

Some old Corral Plans Page1 ; Page 2 ; Page 3

Mountain Pine Beetle Information Factsheet from Colorado Department of Forestry